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Air Canada Boeing 777-200LR's on Dublin route ©

Air Canada has been using the ultra-long range Boeing 777-200LR's into Dublin since last Tuesday 2 nd of August covering maintenance on Boeing 767-300ER’s tasked to the route. The Air Canada B777-200LR normally operate routes to Asia/Australia including Beijing, Hong Kong , Shanghai and Sydney. It is a welcome change to see the Boeing 777 operating the route. The last Boeing 777-233LR to visit Dublin was C-FIVK c/n 35245 operating ACA894/5 arriving at 0953 departing at 1218 on Sunday 7th August. The Boeing 777 is an irregular visitor to Dublin Airport on scheduled passenger services. The type is a rare visitor to Dublin, being occasionally used by Air France on Rugby charter flights and Etihad Airways on very specific mission flights, with the carrier using a Boeing 777-300ER to clear the backlog post the Ash Cloud in May 2010 and on the 7 th of July 2011 on a substitution for an A330-200 being tasked to Manchester, with A6-EYE in Manchester City Colours for an promotio