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Aer Lingus: Back to the Future ©

The airline industry which continues to evolve a rapid pace, being driven by a combination of factors including airline consolidation ,poor economic conditions and high fuel costs. This environment has lead to airlines re-evaluating their business models, to ensure success in highly competitive market conditions, to deliver value for the customer and shareholders. Aer Lingus too has evolved in the constantly changing market place, interestingly the changes taking place has seen the carrier literally going back to the future, by adopting elements of it’s past business models ,and combining them with the latest trends in the industry, particularly with demand management and information technology. The airline under the leadership of Christoph Mueller ,the carrier has re-positioned itself as a ’Value Carrier’ adopt facets of the low-cost business and full-service business models, to differentiate itself in the market-place, dominated by low cost carriers. The carrier began it’s