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Dublin Airport: A Winter Challenge ©

This winter the Dublin Airport Authority will face an extremely challenging winter as it's customer base  become increasingly focused on demand-lead capacity management as they battle violate demand and fuel costs. At the height of the Celtic Tiger in 2008, Dublin Airport handled 23.5 million, now in 2011 the airport will handle 18 million passengers. The DAA will have the challenge of operating two terminals for the first time this winter, since Terminal 2 became operational in January this year, with both terminals operating well below their optimum levels of capacity and efficiency, thus the unit cost per passenger will be reflect this, with T1 passengers continuing to cross subsidize T2 passengers. The December Budget will no doubt have an impact on air travel demand, through the air travel tax or increased taxes, reducing disposable income for leisure travel, accordingly capacity will have to be managed to match the expected levels of demand. The customer base of the DAA will