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Ryanair: Why the Cork and Kerry routes closed? ©

Ryanair announced on the 23 rd of August that it is closing it’s two domestic routes from Cork and Kerry to Dublin, citing improvements on the Dublin to Cork Motorway M8 reducing journey times and the negative impact of the €3 Air Travel Tax and the Cork Airport charges, also the decision of the government to designate the Kerry route as an PSO route.    The Cork Airport Authority was fast off the mark issuing a statement ‘ Cork Airport has invested in co-operative advertising and marketing support with Ryanair in an effort to stimulate additional demand for this route and also separately funded targeted market research into consumer behavior relating to the route.’ The reality is there is factual evidence to back up this statement, as Ryanair announced on the 17 th of November 2010 it was cutting a total of 48 flights from it’s Dublin Base from January 2010, citing the impact of air travel tax and high airport charges, with the loss of 380,000 passengers with the Cork r