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Hurricane Irene: US Airlines Ground Stop in Dublin ©

                                                                 The Hurricane Irene's move up the US East Coast at the weekend after making landfall in North Carolina lead to the closure of hubs in Boston and New York region throwing the operation of airlines out of sync, this lead to US Carriers operating normal east bound flights on Saturday morning. The arrivals N547US Boeing 757-251 c/n 26494 Delta Airlines DAL164 from New York JFK N48127 N48127 Boeing 757-224 c/n 28968 Continental Airlines COA22, N57111 Boeing 757-224 c/n 27301 Continental Airlines COA126 both from Newark Liberty after passenger disembarked at Terminal 2 the aircraft where subsequently towed over to the West Apron parking area. On Sunday morning Terminal 2 was airily quiet due to the cancellation of Aer Lingus Transatlantic flights to Boston and New York JFK and all US airlines arrivals from the East Coast where cancelled, with US Airways AWE722 N249AU Boeing 767-201ER c/n 23901 arrived from Ph