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Ryanair: Europe’s Market Opportunities Abound

Ryanair's Cawley Says Rivals `Very Fragile' as Oil Rises Ryanair is set to continue to grow its presence at primary airports across Europe, as another round of European consolidation will create the necessary conditions enabling the carrier grow, as competitors re-structure their route networks, consolidate and increasingly network-centric their structures on global alliances and partnerships, thus will create new openings across Europe for Ryanair. A common trait for Ryanair and Southwest Airlines as they continue to evolve their business models is operating from primary and secondary airports, where market opportunities arise.   This enables them to flex their capacity according to market trends enabling them to operate at very competitive unit costs, at airports where they get the best deals. Ryanair is now focusing its growth in the Catalan region of Spain in Barcelona El Prat, the base fleet is set to grow from 11 to 15 Boeing 737-800s this winter, downsizing i