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Aer Lingus: The New Demand Environment ©

The Aer Lingus Investor Day in London on the 28 th of September is set to mark a turning point, when phase two of ‘Project Greenfield’ details are released. The airline has signaled a shift in its operations is on the agenda given the reference to seasonality becoming a big challenge, with the business becoming seasonal with a 60% difference between summer and winter demand.  I await with interest what the carrier will announce. Is the traffic pattern going back to the 1970/1980s??. The airline is now using a ‘Demand-Lead’ model to manage fleet capacity, the carrier is now going to have increasingly adopt a ‘Seasonality’ model to manage its resources as business prominently shifts to the summer season, reversing the MRO model where the peak business is in the winter season, therefore given the indicaitons of seasonality being a big challenge, is it likely the second phase of Project Greenfield will bring radical change to the operating model??. The airline can absorb