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Manchester Airport Growing Irish Connections ©

This week has seen the Manchester Airport Irish connections grow considerably despite the UK APD tax and weak economic conditions in both countries, with Easyjet launching a new route to Belfast operating double daily and Flybe launch a new route to Ireland West Knock operating four times weekly, Ryanair opens its 45 th European Base today with two Boeing 737-800s operating 26 routes with the base fleet to increase to four units for Summer 2012 with further expansion planned. Interestingly it was citied by Routesonline (27 th January 2011),it was citied the Dublin Manchester market is almost 600,000 passengers according IATA BSP data. Ryanair's base expansion will see it increase frequency on the Dublin route to 21 times per week (Four to six daily) using a mix of Dublin and Manchester based aircraft InsideIreland (26 th January 2011). The Irish airline connection with Manchester goes back 62 years to when Aer Lingus first launched a route from Dublin which has evolved over the