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The end of an era on the Dublin-Cork route ©

Passengers boarding RYR9842                                                                The end of an era in domestic in air travel took place last Saturday the 30 th of October when Ryanair operated its last Cork-Dublin flight, bring to an end a route with a long history having commenced by Aer Lingus in the 1960s. This route has seen a wide of airlines and aircraft types operate the route, through the years which enabled efficient travel times to Dublin, in the absence of adequate of ground based transport which did become available until the Celtic Tiger era.                                                            EI-EFK Boeing 737-8AS being prepared for final Dublin Departure On Saturday RYR9842 EI-EFK Boeing 737-8AS crewed by Captain Pat Moran and First Officer Kevin Quinlivan, and four cabin crew members lead by CCM Susan welcomed the 30 passengers on-board. The aircraft pushed back off stand at 1739 becoming airborne off runway 17 at 1745 routing over Co