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Irish Aviation Policy: Setting A New Course ©

The new Irish Government which was elected on the 25 th of February made tourism a key element of its Programme for Government, recognizing the aviation can play a key contribution to recovery, with new policies which will set a new course for the aviation sector reversing the loss of competitiveness. The new Transport Minister Leo Varadkar has achieved a number of objectives as set out in the Programme for Government with the launch of a new Tourism Marketing Fund which was announced on the 14 th of October collaborating with Aer Arann, Aer Lingus, Etihad Airways, Emirates Airlines, US Airways using revenues from the air travel tax Merrion Street (October 2011), and a new short-stay Visa Wavier programme to tap growth from emerging BRIC economies Irish Times (July 2011). In tandem with the initiatives announced above the government job initiative introduced a new low VAT rate of 9% for the tourism sector KPMG (May 2011), and the Dublin Airport Authority announced a new rout