Monday, 20 August 2012

Shannon Airport to become a Boeing 787 MRO Hub? ©

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Their is a real prospect that Shannon Airport could become a future Boeing 787 MRO Hub as Shannon Aerospace has identified the type to be added to it's product line at a later date.

Across the runway Transaero Airlines is considering it's options with Boeing for the maintenance of four Boeing 787s on order, which are to be delivered from 2014 with the existing Transaero Engineering Ireland Ltd facility one option to maintain the fleet with the opportunity for third party work (Irish Times 30th April 2012).

The development of Boeing 787 MRO capability in Ireland is line with the government strategy of moving up the supply chain with higher value activities and to develop Shannon Airport as an aviation center of excellence.

The Boeing company has 859 firm order for the Boeing 787 from 59 customers with 16 aircraft delivered to date in an increasingly competitive and high fuel cost envrionment the Boeing 787 will become a competitive advantage with 20% lower fuel costs and 25-30% lower trip costs.


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  1. With BOEING and Government support - why not? In addition to the traditional Airframe / Engine / APU / Under Carriage lines of work, it would be good to see Avionics getting equal billing. Can't move further up the value chain than that! Slainte!
    Kieran O'Carroll.


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