Monday, 19 November 2012

Dublin Airport Authority Announces modest price increase in 2013 ©

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The Dublin Airport Authority announced it will increase charges by 0.5% in 2013 under its proposal the price increase will apply in summer only, as core prices in the winter period will remain unchanged. In addition to the core charge the DAA plans to close price differential between air-bridge and contact stands and increase in the charge levied to meet the cost of providing a service to Persons of Reduced Mobility (PRM).

The DAA stated charges at Dublin Airport are regulated by the independent Commission for Aviation Regulation (CAR), which sets an annual price cap – the average maximum charge per passenger that can be levied, also it noted no airline has the same pricing structure due to individual elements and seasonality.

The DAA will continue to offer generous financial incentives to stimulate the launch of new short-haul and long-haul routes, offer a five year incentive package on new long-haul routes, also its Growth Incentive Scheme supports expansion and new growth in existing markets to grow passenger numbers.

DAA Strategy Director Vincent Harrison said "Independent studies have consistently shown that charges at Dublin Airport are cheaper than at other comparable European airports, and this modest adjustment to our pricing for 2013 will continue to maintain the price advantage that we have relative to the European average".

Ryanair Spokesman Stephen McNamara said "There is no justification for the Govt owned DAA monopoly, at a time of recession and record low passenger numbers, further increasing the already high charges at Dublin Airport in 2013. It’s no secret that Dublin Airport’s charges are among the highest in Europe. They have already been described by Aer Lingus as “insane” and by Etihad Airways as “too excessive”. Minister Varadkar, to support “The Gathering”, should be calling on the DAA monopoly to lower its airport charges in 2013, not raise them".

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