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Irish Airlines Report January Traffic ©

Aer Lingus announced that it carried 563,000 passengers in January up 6% with a load factor of 62.3% up 0.1%. The airline carried 49,000 long-haul passengers up 2.1% with a load factor of 61.8% down 3.9% and 514,000 short-haul passengers up 6.2% with a load factor of 62.5% up 2%. The Aer Lingus Regional Franchise operation carried 53,000 passengers up 26.2% and as usual the figures exclude traffic on the UAL Washington Dulles-Madrid JV route. Aer Lingus Regional is to base a second ATR72 in Shannon from the 26 th of March and increase frequencies from its Cork and Dublin Bases and launch a new route from Dublin to Bournemouth . Ryanair announced that it carried 4.39 million passengers in January down 6% with a load factor of 71% and in the rolling 12 months to the end of January it carried 76.2 million passengers. The carrier flagged the reduction due to the 80 parked Boeing 737-800s but the passenger number should improve with the opportunities to place a number of th