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Dublin Airport A Stimulus Plan ©

                   Dublin Airport Terminal 1 Pier B on a Sunday Afternoon                                       The Irish Financial crisis of 2008 and subsequent recession which caused an economic contraction of 14% has an adverse impact on air travel demand coped with cost inflation from the €3 Air Travel Tax & the increased DAA pricing introduced in 2009 to fund airport develpments. Since the downturn began in 2008 traffic at Dublin Airport has collapsed from its peak at 23.5 million passengers to 18.8 million passengers in 2011, with corresponding loss of 4,500 direct jobs at the airport.                                                           The loss of 4,500 jobs can be directly correlated to the loss of passenger traffic as 1 million passengers =  1,000 jobs (ACI ) accordingly per 1 million passenger decline would lead to the loss of 1,000 jobs.T he closure of SR Technics Ireland Ltd operation in 2009 with the loss of 1,200 jobs although some of these h