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IAG CEO Willie Walsh: Consolidation through Joint-Ventures ©

The IAG CEO Willie Walsh gave an insight into his views of consolidation in the airline industry, on the announcement of the IAG 2011 Full Year results on the 29 th of February in a rapid changing environment where there is opportunities and threats. A constantly theme on the conference call was the need for further consolidation with a particular emphasis on the US Industry, this is very interesting on the context of a potential marketing tie-up between American Airlines (Oneworld) and JetBlue Airways. The IAG CEO previously stated interest in JetBlue Airways given its strong position in the New York market where it is competing against Delta Airlines (JFK) and United Airlines ( Newark ). The IAG CEO Willie Walsh views on the evolving consolidation are interesting as Aer Lingus considers its strategic options, Willie indicated that Joint-Ventures offer many benefits (Cost/Revenues) without the full issues of a merger and there is a growing trend of these Joint-Venture