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Aer Lingus: Independence Day ©

                                                                                    “Neutrality contributes to the bottom line it is paramount”- CEO Christoph Muller In recent weeks their has been speculation as to whom to the government will sell it’s 25% stake however the sale process is a long way off as Market conditions remain extremely tough as a number of flag carriers in the EU are up for sale, IATA has warned that high fuel costs will adversely impact on airlines profitability and domestic demand in Ireland its core market remains very weak. The Government has indicated it will sell the shares at the "Right Price and Right Time". The Aer Lingus Management team has consistently stated since the adoption of the Hybrid Business Model ( elements of LCC & Legacy model) which has restored profitability, that it is essential the carrier remains independent as is key to the future leveraging its geographic position and Dublin Hub to create new traffic fl