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Irish Airlines Report July Traffic ©

Picture: Irish Aviation Research Institute/@IrishAero Aer Lingus announced it carried 1.109 million passengers in July up 2.1% with the airline carrying 99,000 long-haul passengers up 2% with a load factor 89.9% up 1.5% on flat capacity and on short-haul it carried 905,000 short-haul passengers down 2% with a load factor 85.1% up 2.4% on 2% reduction in capacity. Compared to the Association of European Airlines (mainly so-called legacy carriers) as whole, the Aer Lingus passenger load factor was higher on short-haul routes (85.1% v 80.6%) and the same on North Atlantic routes (89.9% v. 89.9%) The Aer Lingus Regional franchise operation carried 105,000 passengers up 40% and as usual figures exclude traffic carried on the United Airlines Joint-Venture Washington Dulles to Madrid route. The Joint-Venture is to be terminate from 28th of October after United Airlines exercised it's right to terminate with 90 days notice. Picture: Irish Aviation Research Institute/@IrishAero