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Irish Commercial Aviation September Traffic ©

                                                      The Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) announced  1.8 million passengers travelled through Dublin Airport in September, a 7% increase over the same period last year.Passenger volumes to and from continental Europe rose by 8% with just over 1 million passengers travelling on this route sector in September. UK traffic recorded a 1% increase with more than 580,000 passengers travelling last month.Transatlantic traffic to North America recorded a 7% increase as more than 178,000 passengers travelled on this route sector in September (Norte Dame Vs Navy NFL Game). Other international passenger traffic, principally flights to the Middle East and North Africa increased by 92% with almost 45,000 passengers travelling to and from these destinations. Domestic traffic fell by 17% with 6,000 passengers travelling this route sector last month.Year-to-date passenger numbers have increased by 1% with almost 14.8 million passengers travelling th