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Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) New Website goes live ©

                                                    The Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) new website went live on 3rd October rolling out the new corporate logo and new website layout which is very appealing,  enabling easy access on the landing page to the latest news and updates and safety updates. On the upper bar of the landing page the sections are divided into the IAA’s units of air traffic management, commercial aviation,  general aviation and personnel licensing. The site new website was developed by Strat3 based in Pearse Street Dublin, using Strata3's Webcentre CMS, enabling the the searching, publishing & indexing of large quantities of reports & documents both in PDF & word format. A mobile version is available for download. Irish Aviation Research Institute © 15th October 2012 All Rights Reserved.

PC Pilots Club 'Fly In' Saturday 13th October ©

                                                    The PC Pilots Club Ireland held their second annual 'Fly-In' last Saturday 13th October in Carton Hotel Dublin Airport, Swords Road,  instead of holding the function on the ground floor , it was held on the third floor The Clouds Suite offering views of Dublin Airport, with photography opportunities from the balcony adding to the event.                                               The event was an open invitation to members and non-members, I always enjoy attending this event to keep up to date with the latest developments of Flight Simulators, as everyone shares information and tips, many of the members bring along their customized flight simulators. The Club owns an I-Fly simulator currently set up as an Cessna 172 , proving very popular at the Fly In particularly with non-members, and member Paul Kennedy was working Live ATC.                                           The highlight of the event wa