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Irish Airlines Report October Traffic ©

                                                      Aer Lingus announced it carried 962,000 passengers in October up 0.9%, in the long-haul segment carrying 86,000 passengers up 10.3% with a load factor of 83% up 8.3% on a 0.7% reduction in Available seat kilometres, in the short-haul segment it carried 787,000 passengers down 2.7% with a load factor of 77.4% down 1.4% on a 3.4% reduction in Available seat kilometres. Aer Lingus Regional carried 89,000 passengers up 34.9% and year to date has carried 841,000 passengers up 33.7%. Compared to the Association of European Airlines (mainly so-called legacy carriers) as whole, the Aer Lingus passenger load factor was higher on short-haul routes (77.4% v 75.8%) and lower on North Atlantic routes (83.0% v. 86.0%). AEA short-haul traffic (RPK) was up 6.1% and North Atlantic up 1.7%.                                         Ryanair announced it carried 7.54 million passengers in October up 4.4% carrying an 273,000 passengers up on