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Turkish Airlines operates Boeing 737-900ER on Dublin route ©

Image: Paul Doyle  THY Turkish Airlines recently operated the Boeing 737-900ER aircraft on the Istanbul to Dublin route for the first time on three flights on 8th November (TC-JYC), 22nd November (TC-JYB) and 4th December (TC-JYI), the airline has a fleet of nine Boeing 737-900ER’s plus one on order which are primarily used on African routes. The 200th aircraft delivered on 8th November TC-JYI Boeing 737-9FH2/W c/n 40985 had special 200th aircraft decals applied after arrival in Istanbul. Image: Paul Doyle  After delivery of Boeing 737-900ER’s in Seattle the aircraft where flown to Georgetown Delware for installation by PATS Aircraft System of Auxiliary Fuel Tanks(AFS) in a two-tank configuration adding an additional 962 gallons of fuel extending the range of the aircraft by 450 nautical miles. The AFS feeds the aircraft’s integral fuel tanks and operates independently, allowing the system to be active or inactive based upon mission requirements. Irish Aviation Research I

Virgin Atlantic announces Aer Lingus as short-haul partner ©

                                                    In a statement to the Irish Stock Exchange Aer Lingus and Virgin Atlantic Airways announced that they have reached preliminary agreement under which it is planned that Aer Lingus will 'wet lease' aircraft to operate certain short haul routes for Virgin Atlantic. Aer Lingus plans to lease to Virgin four Airbus A320-200 aircraft together with all crew, all maintenance, hull and third party legal liability insurance (ACMI). This preliminary agreement remains subject to contract and the agreement is for an initial 3 year period, is expected to create 155 jobs. The four Aer Lingus aircraft are planned to commence operations on 31 March 2013 and it is intended that the aircraft will be deployed, in Virgin livery, on short haul services connecting London Heathrow (Terminal 1) with Manchester, Edinburgh and Aberdeen carrying up to 1 million passengers annually. The aircraft will operate with a single class configuration, but