Monday, 22 April 2013

Ryanair increases reserved seating on all flights


Ryanair announced the extension of its reserved seating from 6 to 8 rows with the addition of row 32 & 33 allowing up to 45 passengers per flight pre-book seats. The reserved seating service costs €10/£10 each way or €15/€15 on longer routes e.g. to/from Canary Islands).

The carrier had previously indicated on its Q1 conference call on 28th January it was considering the idea, which has received very positive feedback from passengers,  the announcement is timely as the service has proved very popular with families and groups particularly on longer route sectors to the Canary Islands in the Summer season.

Ryanair’s Robin Kiely said "Since November, Ryanair passengers have been able to reserve their preferred seats across six rows – at the front of the aircraft for a prompt exit on arrival, at over-wing exits for extra legroom, and on rows 5 and 15 – which  has proven extremely popular, especially with families, groups and those on business travel."

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