Wednesday, 31 July 2013

EirTrade Aviation acquires Boeing 737-500 for Teardown at Ireland West Facility

Courtesy Boeing a B737-500
EirTrade Aviation Ireland Ltd. has completed the acquisition of a Boeing 737-500 aircraft which will be dismantled in their hangar at Ireland West Airport, Knock, Co. Mayo. This is the first 737 classic aircraft to be purchased by EirTrade for teardown and will be the third aircraft to be disassembled at their facility, this year.

According to website Skyliner Aviation N710DB Boeing 737-505 c/n 26304 ex LN-BUC was Ferried St Athan-Ireland West Airport Knock on 24th July.

EirTrade Aviation Ireland, Ltd was founded by a team of aviation professionals in 2010 and has its headquarters in Dublin,Ireland. EirTrade provides aircraft and engine tear down management,sales and consignment of aircraft and engine components and back to birth traceability on aircraft engine records to maximize their value.

EirTrade also offers storage facilities for Airlines & Lessor’s at their IAA Approved Dublin facility.

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