Saturday, 17 August 2013

N603FE MD11F Fedex Express visits Dublin Airport

N603FE MD11F Fedex Express 
This weekend Dublin paid host to a visit of a Fedex Express MD11F. The aircraft N603FE MD11 construction number 48459 line number 470 hex code A7D2E6,  named "Elizabeth" operating from and to London Stansted arriving arrived in the early hours of Friday 16th August departing today at 1526 as FDX5210 to London Stansted.

On a post to Irish Spotters Yahoo Group the purpose of the visit was ground familiarization for crews,with the MD-11 used as a standby replacement when required for the Airbus A300-600RF. The MD11 will be used on at least one Friday each month to ensure the crews are kept current.

Fedex has a fleet of 64 MD11F's, N603FE first flight was 22nd August 1991 and delivered on 11th September 1991.

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