Friday, 20 September 2013

Aviation Enthusiast's Event - Fokker F100 Flight from Dublin Airport

Courtesy: Trade Air-Sun Adria 
On Sunday 13th October a one hour flight from Dublin departs at 1100 hours to the Scottish Coast and back on a 21 year old Fokker F-100 of Trade Air - Sun Adria from Croatia.

On arrival back in Dublin the event continues at a remote spot at Dublin Airport with a walk-around of the aircraft, internal and external inspection including engines, undercarriage and visits to the cockpit. A Q&A with the pilots and crew along with photography opportunities.

There is a "Buy 1 Get 1 Free" offer on which applies to the purchase of a €315 seat, a second is included, making the cost €157.50 per person. Students can avail of our student price of €99.

****New Pricing €149 (incl €15.61 DAA Tax) per person and students are €99 each (incl €15.61 DAA Tax).****

It's a rare aircraft and becoming less common in European skies by next year. The crew are very enthusiastic and only too eager to display the F-100's flight performance.


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