Thursday, 12 September 2013

Dublin Airport commercial traffic up 7.7pc in August - IAA

Busy Dublin Airport Terminal 2 
Commercial terminal flights at Dublin Airport were up 7.7pc in August, according to the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA).

This is the sixth consecutive month of growth at Dublin Airport. Air traffic declined at both Cork and Shannon Airports, by 7.7pc and 0.7pc respectively.

The IAA said international arrivals and departures at Cork, Dublin and Shannon airports increased 5.1pc in August 2013 when compared to August 2012.

Commercial terminal traffic for Cork, Dublin and Shannon airports in was up by 5.1pc, compared to the same period in 2012. During the period, traffic at Cork was down by 7.7pc reflecting the withdrawal of Wizzair.

Commercial terminal flights at the three State airports:

Cork Airport:  -7.6%, with an average of 66 daily movements.

Dublin Airport:  +7.7% with an average of 514 daily movements.

Shannon Airport:  -0.7%, with an average of 56 daily movements.

Total flights in Irish airspace decreased by 1.1pc when compared to August 2012. There was an average of 1,574 daily flights during August 2013. The busiest day was 18th August with 1,691 flights in Irish airspace.

The IAA said there was a fall of 4.7pc in Ireland’s en-route traffic movements (flights that pass through Irish airspace but do not land) during August 2013 in comparison to August 2012.

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