Thursday, 26 September 2013

Ryanair announces new domestic flights from Warsaw Modlin

Ryanair Boeing 737-800 
Ryanair today at  press conference in Warsaw Modlin announced the launch of two new domestic routes from Modlin to Gdansk to Wroclaw operating daily from 14th March 2014.

The carrier also hopes that it will open more domestic flights in Poland as new Boeing 737-800 delivery stream commences gets underway from September 2014.

Ryanair CEO Michael O'Leary said in Warsaw Modlin "We have been pleased with the surge in bookings since we announced the return of Ryanair’s flights to Warsaw Modlin on Monday 30th Sept in just 5 day’s time. In 2014 Ryanair will operate more than 30 routes to/from Warsaw Modlin and we expect our traffic to grow to 1.5m passengers to/from Modlin in 2014.

 We have no doubt that Warsaw Modlin’s location (just 38kms from the centre of Warsaw) allied to its low cost base, cheap car parking and easy bus transfers, will make it the airport of choice for passengers flying on Ryanair’s first two Polish domestic routes from Gdansk and Wroclaw to Warsaw.

 In the last two years Ryanair has grown to be Poland’s No. 1 airline carrying more passengers than LOT. These first two domestic routes will deliver significantly lower air fares for Polish consumers, and finally free them from LOT’s high fares on domestic routes."

Ryanair plans to carry 1.5 million passengers from Modlin on 30 routes including Cork and Dublin.

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