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Ryanair announces two new routes from Târgu Mures ©

                                                      Ryanair today announced a five year strategic partnership with Târgu Mures International Airport in Transylvania Romania, launching two new routes to Brussels South Charleroi Airport and Pisa Florence operating twice weekly from 30th April and 2nd May 2013 delivering 30,000 passengers per annum targeting both business and leisure traffic. Targu Mures International Airport handled 300,000 passengers in 2012 and Wizzair announced its expanding its base by 35% for Summer 2013 to operate a total of 11 routes including three new routes and increased frequency on existing routes to carry 300,000 passengers per annum.                                           Irish Aviation Research Institute © 16th January 2013  All Rights Reserved.

Ryanair announces 3 new routes from Paris Beauvais ©

                                                      Ryanair today announced launched its Summer 2013 from Paris Beauvais which will see the carrier operate a total 47 routes with 474 weekly flights including three new routes from Paris Beauvais to Carcassonne, Rabat (Morocco) and Zadar (Croatia) delivering 3.5 million passengers per annum. Beauvais is Ryanair's largest non-base airport with 47 routes which began back in May 1997 with the launch of the Dublin-Beauvais route which was of significance marking the carrier's intention to expand into mainland Europe. Ryanair CEO Michael O'Leary of Ryanair said "Ryanair is delighted to announce its summer 2013 in Paris Beauvais, with three new routes to / from Carcassonne, Rabat and Zadar will operate from April 2013, will accommodate 3.5 million passengers per year and maintain 3,500 jobs * on the site of the Paris Beauvais airport, underscoring the commitment of Ryanair for tourism development in Picardy and Paris.

Ryanair announces five new Marseille routes ©

                                                      Ryanair announced it will operate a total of 37 routes from Marseille Mp2 in Summer 2013 up 12% operating 268 weekly flights up 9% including five new routes to including five new routes to Chania (Crete), East Midlands, Warsaw, Essaouira and Rabat (Morocco) delivering 1.7 million passengers this year. In 2011 the airline carried 1.6 million passengers from Marseille up 37%. Ryanair has carried 7.5 million passengers from Marseilles since launching its first route from Glasgow Prestwick in April 2006 and operated a Dublin route since April 2006 on a seasonal basis operating in peak summer months in 2011 and 2012. Ryanair CEO Michael O'Leary said "Ryanair is delighted to announce its summer 2013 in Marseilles, with 5 new routes to / from Chania, East Midlands, Essaouira, Rabat and Warsaw will operate from April 2013, will accommodate 1.7 million passengers per year * to maintain 1,700 jobs at the site of the airport o

Ryanair announces first non-EU bases in Fez and Marrakech ©

                                                      Ryanair today announced its opening its first two non-EU bases in Fez (No 56) and Marrakech (No 57) Morocco in April 2013 with a total of 3 Boeing 737-800s as the carrier invests $210 million in Morocco  In addition it will add two new airports in Morocco to the route network at Essaouira and Rabat as it grows its operations in Morocco in 2013 to 60 routes and 8 airports, which will deliver up to 2.5 million passengers per annum. The 56th Base in Fez will have a single Boeing 737-800 operating a total of 15 routes with four new routes to Lille, Nantes, Nimes & St Etienne delivering 600,000 passengers per annum. The 57th Base in Marrakech will have two Boeing 737-800s operating a total of 22 routes with seven new routes to Baden, Bergerac, Cuneo (Italy), Dole (France), Munich, Paris (Vatry) & Tours. The carrier will launch two new routes from Essaouira to Brussels South Charleroi Airport and Marseilles and from Raba

EIS Consulting support Starlite Aviation Ireland

Starlite Aviation Ireland, part of the Starlite Aviation Group have just received their Air Operators Certificate and EASA PART M Approval from the Irish Aviation Authority. Head of Consulting Mark Fitzgerald said "The successful completion of the AOC and Part M application marks the end of one chapter and the beginning of another in the EIS and Starlite Aviation story. Providing Quality Management Services enables EIS to build on the already successful relationship between Eurocopter and the Starlite Aviation Group. To provide this and other support services to Starlite Aviation Ireland is an important step in providing the customer with a complete support package ". Accountable Manager for Starlite Aviation Ireland Alan O’Neill said  "This marks the conclusion of a considerable amount of work by the Starlite team with EIS consulting in a quality management role. It also marks the beginning for Starlite Aviation lreland and we look forward to continuing our strong r