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Iberia Express expands Dublin route capacity ©

                                                      Iberia Express is expanding capacity on the Madrid-Dublin route for Summer 2013 adding five extra return flights per week in July, which means it will have a double daily service throughout the month, and for the month of August will increase its frequency from 9 flights per week to 10 flights per week. It began operations on the Dublin-Madrid route, which was one of its first six international destinations, in June 2012. Iberia Express, subsidiary of Iberia and Oneworld Alliance member, operates short and medium-haul routes from Madrid Barajas Airport using a fleet of 14  Airbus A320s, providing direct traffic and feeds Iberia's long-haul network, offering all the services of Iberia Airlines operating 13 domestic destinations and 5 European routes (Copenhagen, Dublin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt and Amsterdam, the latter until January 2013). The airline carried 2.2 million passengers in 2012 operates from Dublin Airport Termi

British Airways Expands Summer Dublin-London Heathrow frequency ©

                                                    British Airways has announced in response to increased customer demand its maintaining its winter frequency on Dublin London Heathrow for the Summer season bringing an extra three daily flights on the route, following the introduction of winter schedule on 28th October the airline increased frequency from four to eight times daily. British Airways Ireland Manager Simon Daly said "By maintaining the current winter timetable, this increased capacity allows us to bring destinations on the world map closer to Ireland - providing both business and leisure travellers with a greater choice of connections to our extensive global network offering at London Heathrow ". DAA Strategy Director Vincent Harrison said "We have worked very closely with British Airways since last summer, when the acquisition of bmi brought them back onto the Dublin-Heathrow route. Dublin-London is Europe's busiest international city route and

Ryanair announces two new routes from Cuneo ©

                                                    Ryanair today announced its Summer 2013 program at Cuneo operating five routes up 67% including two routes to Marrakech twice weekly from 23rd April and Rome Ciampino four times weekly from 31st March operating 26 weekly flights delivering 170,000 passengers per annum. Ryanair Sales & Marketing Executive Eleanor O'Connor said "Ryanair is delighted to announce its program from Cuneo for summer 2013, with 5 destinations, including the new route to / from Rome (Ciampino) from from 31 March and from / to Marrakech from 23 April 2013. These two new destinations will deliver to / from Cuneo 170,000 passengers per year, supporting 170 * jobs "in-place" at the airport, underlining the commitment and the importance of Ryanair for tourism in Piedmont". Cuneo is a city and commune in Piedmont, Northern Italy, the capital of the province of Cuneo, the third largest of Italy’s provinces by area. It is located at

Ryanair announces two new routes from Alghero ©

                                                      Ryanair today announced its operating 24 routes from Alghero in Summer 2013 including two new routes to Dortmund x 2 weekly from 23rd March and Trieste x 3 weekly from 1st April on 166 weekly flights delivering 950,000 passengers per annum. Ryanair Sales & Marketing manager (Croatia/Greece/Italy/Romania) Matthew Papaluca said "Ryanair is delighted to announce its program to Alghero for summer 2013, with 24 routes, including two new routes to / from Dortmund Trieste and from April 2013, which will deliver 950,000 passengers per year underlining the commitment and the importance of Ryanair for tourism in Sardinia". Alghero in the province of Sassari in northwestern Sardinia has sun and year-round mild temperatures, is known as Italy’s little Barcelona, was founded in the XII century by the powerful Doria family in 1102 built around a fortified port.                                     Irish Aviation Researc