Monday, 4 March 2013

Department of Transport launches Irish Aviation Policy Issues Paper

Picture: Courtesy Silcon Republic

“The aviation industry is a key enabler of economic growth so it is important that there is a clear policy framework in place to facilitate its continued development and to optimize the contribution that this important sector can make to the Irish economy.” - Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport Leo Varadkar, T.D. 

The Department of Transport has launched a new “An Integrated Irish Aviation Policy Issues Paper for Consultation” to commence a consultation with stakeholders in the aviation industry as a follow up to the first Aviation Policy Conference for Ireland held last December. The department plans to publish an initial draft National Aviation Policy Statement in the second half of 2013 following receipt of submissions from interested parties, prior to adopting policy in 2014.

The Issues Paper is broken into eight broad policy fields with questions focusing on the major issues facing each sector ,the department is open to suggestions on other topics which may be appropriate for inclusion in forming a National Aviation Policy Statement.  The closing date for comments/submissions is 30th June  preferably by email to

  • Airports
  • Air Services
  • Regulation and Governance
  • Aircraft Leasing and Finance
  • Aerospace, Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul
  • Education and Training
  • General Aviation
  • Sustainability

The aviation sector contributes approximately €4.1 billion to Ireland’s GDP comprising €1.9 billion directly from aviation, €1.3 billion through the supply chain and €0.9bn from associated spending by people employed in the sector. 26,000 jobs are supported directly by aviation with a further 16,000 in the supply chain. Tourism depends on aviation and it accounts for a further €5.3 billion in GDP and 180,000 jobs. Aviation firms pay over €400 million in tax with a similar amount paid by firms in the supply chain.

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