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TC-JHL Boeing 737-800 Turkish Airlines 'Globally Yours' at Dublin Airport

                                                      Courtesy Sean Flynn  This morning TC-JHL Boeing 737-8F2/W c/n 40976 Turkish Airlines operated THY9FT/7GJ from and to Istanbul in 'Globally Yours' colour scheme to acknowledge the vital role its staff have played in the airline’s success decorated with roughly 17,000 photos of those working on behalf of Turkish Airlines in 191 destinations all over the world. The project gives real meaning to its motto, "Globally Yours" demonstrating that the Turkish Airlines family is always on duty somewhere in the world. The livery, which is the first of its kind ever done, highlights the fact that the airline’s success is due to its global workforce, each person adding his or her own contribution to making Turkish Airlines the respected and celebrated company that it has become. Turkish Airlines has prepared this project not only for its existing employees also all the employees who worked for the airline in the past y