Thursday, 16 May 2013

Ryanair offers AENA growth plan to bring five million passengers per annum


Ryanair has offered AENA a growth plan proposal to increase Spanish air traffic by 5 million passengers per annum over next three years, in exchange for a reduction in air taxes which Ryanair said were "unjustified and excessive" following increases in recent years.

The growth proposal was unveiled at press conference in Madrid by Ryanair CEO Michael O'Leary, in in which he explained that the offer of 5 million passengers per annum in 2014, 2015 and 2016, stating the proposal is a "growth opportunity" that could lead to the creation of over 5,000 jobs. In 2013 Ryanair will carry 31 million passengers from Spain and has recently announced a spate of new routes from the Canary Islands to Germany and Scandinavian.

The new aircraft order for 175 Boeing 737-800s will provide an additional capacity of 25 million passengers from 2014 to 2019.

Ryanair CEO Michael O'Leary said "The huge drop in traffic in Spanish AENA airports in recent years is unprecedented and is unrivaled by any other major European economy. The loss of 30 million passengers and more than 30,000 jobs in the airports of Spain is a direct result of that AENA has quadrupled its airport charges in the last six years. Spanish Government policy to fatten the profits of AENA (with unjustified rate increases) in order to privatize this public monopoly, involves sharp declines in traffic and jobs for the Spanish economy and is unsustainable.

Ryanair asks AENA and the Spanish Government to reverse this strategy failed high rates at airports and focus on reducing prices to stimulate traffic growth and tourism in Spain which immediately create thousands of jobs and reduce the outrageous figure of 50% of youth unemployment in Spain.

By ordering 175 new aircraft to be delivered between 2014 and 2019, no other EU airline can match the ability to carry passengers from Ryanair and its ability to increase your traffic and allocate a significant proportion of this growth in Spain . Ryanair is now asking AENA respond favorably to the proposed rapid growth of Ryanair."

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EirTrade Aviation Completes Boeing 737-500 Teardown at Ireland West Airport Knock Facility

Courtesy Boeing Commercial 
EirTrade Aviation Ireland Ltd has completed the tear-down of a Boeing 737-500 aircraft, for an undisclosed party, in their hangar at Ireland West Airport Knock. This is the first aircraft of its type to be dismantled by EirTrade and in Ireland and the second aircraft to be dismantled at their Ireland West Knock facility.

The Irish government has targeted aircraft dismantling as a growth business for Aircraft Maintenance and Repair (MRO) Industry through the Finance Bill 2013 which specifically designates tear-down pads-special parking areas for aircraft being dismantled qualify for accelerated capital allowance over seven years.

Avolon Leasing retirement trends and outlook published in September 2012 forecast 8,000 aircraft are expected to be retired from service in the next decade hence the number of aircraft available for tear-down will increase significantly, thus creating immense opportunities for EirTrade Aviation to grow business.

IBA Commercial Director Owen Geach said “You will see an increasing number of MD-80s, 737s, 757s and A320s heading for part-out as they get replaced by newer-technology aircraft.”

EirTrade provides aircraft and engine tear-down management, sales and consignment of aircraft and engine components and back to birth traceability on aircraft engine records to maximize their value.EirTrade also offers storage facilities for Airlines & Lessor’s at their IAA Approved Dublin facility.

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Ryanair returns EI-DLM Boeing 737-8AS to lessor


Ryanair has returned the second of four Boeing 737-800s to lessors this summer as EI-DLM Boeing 737-8AS c/n 33594 line number 1923 was ferried Glasgow Prestwick to Shannon Airport on 22nd April as 'Ryanair 02P' in basic colours no titles on return to lessor Fly Leasing according to websites Flightradar24 and

EI-DLM operated its last revenue service for Ryanair on 8th March RYR7862/3 Glasgow Prestwick to City of Derry vv according to website The return of EI-DLM reduces to 303 the number of units in service.
Courtesy Paul Bannon 
The aircraft was repainted in Nok Air colours by Eirtech Aviation registered HS-DBM named and re-delivered on 16th May Shannon-Ras Al Khaimah-Don Muang.

EI-DLM was delivered to Ryanair on 20th April 2006.

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