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Tajik Air Boeing 737-400 with Irish affiliation delivered through Shannon Airport

                                                    Courtesy: Michael Kelly  On the morning Monday 2nd September N151LF Boeing 737-448 construction 25736 Tajik Air arrived in Shannon Airport on delivery flight routing Goodyear-Denver-St John's-Shannon-Sofia. The aircraft is to take up registration EY-753 to be leased from ILFC, will be used to replace two Boeing 737-500s that were recently returned to Lithuania’s AviaAM Leasing. The Central Asian carrier currently operates a mixture of Western, Russian and Chinese aircraft types namely Boeing 737-300, two Boeing 757-200s, two Tu-154Ms, various An-24s and An-26s and an MA-60. The has an Irish affiliation being formerly EI-BXK Boeing 737-448 Aer Lingus . The Boeing customer designation for Aer Lingus is "48". The aircraft's maiden flight was on 13th April 1992 delivered ten days later on 23rd April to Aer Lingus. In winter 1994, 1995, 1998,1999 and 2000 was sub-leased to Ryan International on counter cyclical

Norwegian Air Shuttle to register new Boeing 737-800 in Ireland

                                                    Norwegian Boeing 737-800  According to Norwegian media outlets E24 & Hangar.No Norwegian Air Shuttle CFO Frode Foss  stated the first aircraft to be managed by it's Irish asset management subsidiary, a new Boeing 737-800 to delivered in October is to be registered in Ireland. The CFO added "Ireland is a mecca for airlines and most airlines are now established in Ireland for funding purposes. It is a natural location with respect to Norwegian's global expansion and the large orders". In a significant development the CFO stated "Norwegian has on order from Boeing and Airbus will be registered with the Irish registration ahead." Norwegian has a further 270 aircraft on order:  100 Airbus A320Neo on order plus 50 options, 64 Boeing 737-800s, 100 Boeing 737-8 Max plus 100 options, 6 Boeing 787-8 Dreamliners. Irish Aviation Research Institute © 4th September 2013 All Rights Reserved.