Tuesday, 8 October 2013

EI-MED Cessna 550 re-registered as G-IMED

Courtesy: Joe Heeney 
EI-MED Cessna 550 AeroMedvac Ireland construction number 550-0085 Hex Code 406985 was  re-registered as G-IMED on 25th September 2013.

The aircraft operates under Xclusive Jet Charter Ltd callsign ‘XJC999’.

The dedicated air ambulance, which operates from Dublin airport utilises a LifePort PLUS system for patient transfers.

LifePort clip-deck enhances patient safety, allowing the patient to remain in the same bed while in transit from Hospital to Hospital, ensuring the comfortable transfer from the air ambulance to the ground ambulance.

The aircraft which has been modified for aeromedical duties with a state-of-the-art stretcher system including built-in oxygen, suction, air compressor and inverter. Specialist doctors and nurses, fully trained in aeromedical retrieval, ensure safe patient transportation from hospital to hospital.

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Almasria Universal Airlines Airbus A320s returned to lessor at Dublin Airport

Courtesy: Paul Doyle 
Egyptian carrier AlMasria Universal Airlines airline launched operations in June 2009 to take advantage of low prices during the global financial crisis to tap demand for air travel in the most populous Arab country.

However on-going geopolitical turmoil in Egypt lead to violent protests in Mid August leading to a state of emergency being declared , just as Egypt was about to revive its lucrative and important tourism industry.

The situation lead several European governments to impose travel bans to the country, hence causing considerable difficulties for aviation and tourism industries, with the cancellations of charter programmes including weekly charter services from Belfast International and Dublin Airport to Sharm El Sheikh serving Red Sea resort.

Courtesy: Damian Bracken 
According AlMasria Universal reduced its fleet from seven Airbus A320 Family to two aircraft in response to changing market conditions.

On the evening of Saturday 21st September SU-TCA Airbus A320-232 construction number 932 AlMasria Universal was ferried Cairo to Dublin on return to lessor.

Its sister-ship followed SU-TCB Airbus A320-232 construction number 943 AlMasria Universal was ferried Cairo to Dublin on return to lessor.

On 2nd October SU-TCA was re-registered as EI-FDG and SU-TCB was re-registered as EI-FDH to BOC Aviation.

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N473TA Airbus A319 Air Serbia departs Dublin for Dusseldorf

Courtesy: Paul Doyle 
N473TA Airbus A319-132 construction number 1140 hex code A5CDE Air Serbia was ferried Goodyear-Bangor to Dublin on 28-29th September in full colours. The aircraft proceeded to Dublin Aerospace hangar for maintenance work prior enter to service.

Dutch Aviation website Skyliner Aviation said the aircraft was ferried Dublin to Dusseldorf on Monday 7th October for cabin reconfiguration.

According to the FAA aircraft registry the aircraft is co-owned by Wells Fargo Bank Northwest.

This aircraft first flight was on 17th November 1999 using test registration D-AVYP and was delivered to TACA as N473TA on 29th December 1999.

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Dublin Airport traffic up 4% in September

Just under 1.9 million passengers at Dublin in September 
Dublin Airport handled just under 1.9 million passengers in September recording positive traffic growth trends in all market segments.

Passenger volumes to and from continental Europe increased by 2% with just over 1 million passengers travelling to continental European destinations during the month.

Passenger volumes on domestic flights increased by 20% off a low base as just over 7,000 people took domestic flights last month.

North America retains it's position as the leading growth market as traffic increased by 10% in September with more than 197,000 passengers travelling on this route sector last month.

Traffic to other international destinations, which comprises flights to the Middle East and North Africa, increased by 2% to 45,000.

Almost 612,000 passengers travelled to UK destinations in September, which was 5% more than the same period last year.

Year to date almost 15.6 million passengers have travelled through Dublin Airport, a 5% increase when compared to the same period last year.

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