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French Air Force Boeing C-135FR calls into Dublin Airport on training flight

                                                    Courtesy: Paul Doyle  The visits of Boeing 707 airframes are becoming increasingly rare sight in Irish skies the long absence of the type at Dublin Airport was broken yesterday. 737/93-CI Boeing C-135FR construction number 18697 French Air Force using callsign "FAF4142" arrived 1213 on Sunday 13th October departing out this morning at 1052 on a training flight. This aircraft previously visited Dublin Airport on 24th June 2009. The Boeing C-135 Stratolifter is a transport aircraft derived from the prototype Boeing 367-80 jet airliner (also the basis for the 707) in the early 1950s. It has a narrower fuselage and is shorter than the 707. French Air Force has a fleet of 14 Boeing C-135FR's based at Istres air base. Irish Aviation Research Institute © 14th October 2013 All Rights Reserved.

Icelandic Low-cost carrier Wow Air operates Dublin charter series

                                                    Courtesy: Paul Doyle  Icelandic low-cost carrier Wow Air operated it's first series of charter flights to Dublin Airport  to & from Reykjavik on Sunday 6th October and Sunday 13th October. The respective flights where operated by LZ-MDC Airbus A320-232 construction 4270 NVD871/2 and LZ-WOW Airbus A320-232 construction number 2457 NVD871/2. In 2012 Avion Express Airbus A320 LY-COS construction number 415 was stored in Dublin in Wow Air Force Two colours. This aircraft has an Irish connection as previously operated by Transaer International as EI-TLT in 1999 and in January 2012 was registered to Triton Aviation Ireland as EI-ETM and ILFC Ireland in January 2013. Wow Air's in-flight magazine December 2012 issue stated "We are really keen to expand and are always looking at new options, so all your calls for flights to Iceland from places including Manchester, Dublin, Boston and Winnipeg might well be answered