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Collaboration driving Ireland’s Aerospace Industry

                                                    EI-FDI Boeing 767 Courtesy: Paul Doyle  A unique competitive advantage at the heart of Ireland’s Aviation industry is collaboration, creating a value supply chain benefiting the Irish economy. Britannica’s encyclopedia defines collaboration as “To work jointly with others or together especially in an intellectual endeavor.” Ireland has achieved collaboration on a major scale in the aviation industry as a center for excellence for aircraft leasing companies and has cluster of Maintenance & Repair Organization (MRO’s) lead by Dublin Aerospace, Eirtech Aviation, Lufthansa Aeromotive, Shannon Aerospace, TEAM Accessories Ltd, Transaero Engineering Ireland Ltd. These MRO’s specialize in the fields of aircraft painting, base maintenance, component repair, design and engineering, engine overhaul, aircraft management and technical companies supported by the regulatory framework of the Irish Aviation Authority. The ability to pro

Dublin Airport traffic up 5% to 1.8 million passengers in October

                                                    Emirates Airlines Boeing 777-300ER  Dublin Airport handled 1.8 million passengers in October up 5% on same month last year. All market segments recorded positive traffic growth. Passenger volumes to and from continental Europe grew by 2% with almost 930,000 people and domestic traffic increased by 19% to more than 6,000 passengers. Other international passenger traffic, which includes flights to the Middle East, increased by 11% with more than 43,000 passengers travelling this route sector in October. Transatlantic volumes increased by 13% with more than 160,000 passengers travelling to and from North America during the month and UK traffic increased by 5% with over 642,000 passengers travelling to and from Britain. Just over 17.3 million passengers travelled through Dublin Airport from January to October this year, a 5% increase over 2012. Irish Aviation Research Institute © 12th November 2013 All Rights Reserved.