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Windrose Air Airbus A320 in Dublin on lease handback takes up registration EI-TLP

                                                    Courtesy: Sean Flynn UR-WRN Airbus A320 Windrose Air construction number 760 hex code 50824B was ferried Donetsk to Dublin on Friday 15th November on return to lessor ILFC, after operating operated its last revenue service on 21st October Donetsk to Tel Aviv vv. The was restored to it's original Irish registration EI-TLP on 21st November and was moved to old runway 11/29 storage area pending a new lease assignment. This aircraft first flight on 20th November 1997 as F-WWDD and delivered to TransAer International as EI-TLP on 20th January 1998 on lease from ILFC.                                         Courtesy: Paul Doyle  The aircraft was operated for Virgin Express Ireland from 1st February to 31st October 1998, and later leased to Aeropostal from 7th November 1998 to 16th April 1999. EI-TLP was leased to Shorouk Air 10th October 1999 and was returned a month later following the collapse of the carrier. The air