Thursday, 27 February 2014

Travel Wifi revolutionising travel experience

Image from Travel WiFi 
Travel WiFi is a new start-up business specialising in WiFi solutions. They launched in July last year and the scope of the business is to help travellers avoid data roaming charges while availing of its own private and secure hotspot when traveling.

We all experienced to some degree the shock of huge phone bills by the time we got home from our journey. It’s hard to keep on surfing the internet, checking emails, sending photos or listening music when away. The WiFi service provided at hotels can be a serious headache most of times: slow connection, limited data bundles and quiet expensive when the limit is exceeded. Also the explosion in tablets and smartphones has made connectivity even more important for travellers.

This is where Travel Wifi comes in to help the traveller reduce data roaming costs completely while stay connected anywhere and anytime. The company provides Wifi solutions to anyone travelling abroad, whether is a family holiday, a business trip or just a city getaway with your special one or your friends, Travel Wifi offers the right solution with a range of flexible packages from 3 days up to a month with up to 45 GB.

Travel Wifi provides 99% population coverage anywhere in Ireland & UK as well as in Italy, Austria, Denmark and Sweden, and also plans to expand to the U.S. market shortly which hopefully will bring a substantial boost to the business. If this will succeed Travel Wifi seeks on expanding in more countries within Europe and why not Australia and New Zealand afterwards.

I have trialed the service in Ireland around the country it’s extremely fast and has capacity to run to five connected devices at once. I highly recommend a look at , choose the package plan that suits you the best, provide the necessary payment details and get the product delivered to your doorstep.

Travel Wifi has big plans for the future and is currently collaborating 5* Hotels such as Shelbourne, Westbury, RadissonBlu in Galway, Fitzpatrick Castle and Aghadoe Heights in Killarney and plans to expand into the airline sector. In the next few months Travel Wifi hope to bring more people on board generating therefore employment and revenue to the Irish economy.


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