Thursday, 11 September 2014

Stobart Air leases OY-JRY from Danish Air Transport

OY-JRY ATR42 Danish Air Transport 
Stobart Air has supplemented its fleet this summer season with an ATR42 leased from Danish operator Danish Air Transport A/S, abbreviated DAT. OY-CIR was returned to DAT on 27th August and replaced by OY-JRY the same day.

We understand the lease of OY-JRY has been extended indefinitely .

Interestingly it's livery illustrates DAT’s values as a flexible company. Blue, yellow, red, orange and green make our planes and logo distinctive.

DAT states "We are proud to be different, and we are just like our planes, ccolorful and flexible".

DAT operates a fleet of 15 aircraft and recently added a new type to it's fleet the Airbus A320.

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