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Travel Wifi revolutionising travel experience

                                                  Image from Travel WiFi  Travel WiFi is a new start-up business specialising in WiFi solutions. They launched in July last year and the scope of the business is to help travellers avoid data roaming charges while availing of its own private and secure hotspot when traveling. We all experienced to some degree the shock of huge phone bills by the time we got home from our journey. It’s hard to keep on surfing the internet, checking emails, sending photos or listening music when away. The WiFi service provided at hotels can be a serious headache most of times: slow connection, limited data bundles and quiet expensive when the limit is exceeded. Also the explosion in tablets and smartphones has made connectivity even more important for travellers. This is where Travel Wifi comes in to help the traveller reduce data roaming costs completely while stay connected anywhere and anytime. The company provides Wifi solutions to anyone trav