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Aircraft Longevity in Ireland

                                                    Irish Coast Guard/CHC Helicopters Sikorsky S-61  ***This article was first published on XEI Weekly Newsletter-14th March 2014 and with kind permission from Antoin Daltun is re-published.*** Aer Arann Islands has a Romanian-built Britten-Norman Islander EI-AYN which arrived in the UK on 9 February 1974, was first registered in Ireland on 26 March 1974 and delivered to Dublin on 29 April 1974 and it is coming up to its 40th year in Aer Arann service.  It may be the oldest fixed-wing aircraft still in scheduled passenger service in what used to be called Western Europe.  The Irish Coast Guard/CHC Helicopters recently retired Sikorsky S-61N EI-SAR which was assembled in Japan in 1962 as a pattern aircraft for a Mitsubishi production line which never really got going.  It served with British Airways and other UK companies before coming to Ireland in 1998 to work with the Irish Coast Guard.  It was retired to Weston on 10 Dec 2013