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An end of era as Aer Arann rebrands as Stobart Air

                                                      Stobart Air ATR72 Image courtesy of Paul Doyle  Friday 5th June marked historic moment in Irish Aviation as the ionic Aer Arann brand disappeared and was replaced by Stobart Air. This is the conclusion of the first phase of the airline's 'new beginning' strategy. Stobart Air's Interim CEO Sean Brogan said "Stobart Air positions the airline to explore new opportunities and add to our franchise network, particularly in the UK and mainland Europe" The company began a process of rebranding and overnight "Operated by Stobart Air" decals where applied to it's ATR fleet. On morning of the 5th  of June  passenger announcements reflected the change as flights are “Operated by Stobart Air”. According to industry sources it will continue to use ICAO designation REA, transponder prefixes will remain unchanged with “Aer Arann” continuing as the ATC call-sign until further notice. Stobart Air s