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My Steps towards a career in Aviation

By Alexandra Slabutu Having worked in Dublin airport and travelled the world with Emirates Airlines, my aspirations towards a career within the aviation industry were getting bigger. Throughout my experience I realise that I wanted something more technical, something that could offer me the chance to deal with airplanes, airlines and airports on a daily basis. However I knew that I had to pursue higher level education, in order to become more employable and increase my career opportunities in the near future. So I decided it was time to go back to college. Throughout my research DIT had by far grabbed my attention with their freshly run course, Engineering in Aviation Technology (DIT 011 CAO Reference number), which is a 3 year Ordinary Degree. Once starting 1st Year I was super excited and looking forward to studying new subjects such as: Aircraft Aerodynamics, Systems and Structures,  Aeronautical Lab,  Aircraft Engines, Materials Hardware and Maintenance Practices,  El