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Ryanair reinstates Dublin to Comiso connection for Summer 2015

                                                  Ryanair Boeing 737-800  Irish budget carrier Ryanair yesterday announced it's 2015 summer program with 14 routes from Catania and Comiso in Scilily.  The carrier plans to carry 275,000 passengers from and Comiso, supporting traffic, tourism and the economy of eastern Sicily. The carrier announced six routes from Comiso ,reinstating it's Dublin route operating twice weekly on Thursdays and Sundays, from 4th June to 25th September 2015. In Catania, Giuseppe Belladone, Sales & Marketing Executive Ryanair to Italy , said: "We are pleased to confirm today the commitment of Ryanair at the airports of Catania and Comiso for the next summer season, with a program that has a total 16 routes to major national and international destinations. 8 will be the destinations reachable from Catania and 6 active ones from Comiso, thanks to which we expect to carry the two airports respectively 1.55 million and 275 thousand custo