Saturday, 7 March 2015

GA Telesis UK Airbus A321s Re-Delivered through Dublin

EI-IXI Airbus A321-112
EI-IXI Airbus A321 in basic Alitalia retro colors pictured above courtesy of Paul Doyle.

On 20th November last  GA Telesis (UK) Ltd, a GA Telesis, LLC company (GA Telesis) announced it has purchased six (6) Airbus A321s (CFM56-5B) formely operated by Alitalia. According to these aircraft were withdrawn from service and stored at Rome Fiumicino in 2013 and 2014.

GA Telesis first aircraft, construction number 434, was delivered through Dublin last November and the remaining aircraft were delivered through February 2015 and subsequently re-marketed by the GA Telesis Asset Transaction Group (ATG).

The first aircraft was delivered to Kemble, United Kingdom, were it entered the GA Telesis dis-assembly production line. The engines will be overhauled by GA Telesis Engine Services Ltd (GATES) in Helsinki, Finland.

The parts removed from the aircraft will be repaired by the OEMs, GA Telesis Component Repair Group Southeast, and GA Telesis Composite Repair Group before being distributed by GA Telesis part sales operations globally.

According to German website Skyliner Aviation the aircraft where re-delivered as follows:

EI-IXI Airbus A321-112 c/n 494 Alitalia Ferried Rome Fiumicino-Dublin-Kemble 12-13/01/15 in basic retro colours ex I-BIXI.

EI-IXD Airbus A321-112 c/n 532 Alitalia Ferried Rome Fiumicino-Dublin-Tel Aviv 15-16/12/14 in basic colours ex I-BIXD.

EI-IXG Airbus A321-112 c/n 516 Alitalia Ferried Rome Fiumicino-Dublin-Kemble 26/27-11/14 in basic colours ex I-BIXG.

EI-IXU Airbus A321-112 c/n 434 Alitalia Ferried Rome Fiumicino-Dublin-Kemble 11-13/11/14 in basic colours ex I-BIXU.

EI-IXF Airbus A321-112 c/n 515 Alitalia Ferried Rome Fiumicino-Dublin-Kemble 25-26/02/15 in basic colours ex I-BIXF.

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