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The questions politicians didn't ask IAG CEO Willie Walsh

Last Thursday February 12th, IAG CEO Willie Walsh appeared before The Joint Transport Committee to answer questions on the proposed takeover of Aer Lingus by IAG. Despite their own assertions to the contrary, the main focus of the politicians on the Joint Transport Committee was centered on the implications of the IAG offer on their own constituencies in the context of the next Irish General Election. The scope of their questioning was predominantly negative, party political, constituency-oriented and too narrowly focused. There was little or no evidence of any positive or constructive thinking in their approach to questioning Willie Walsh that would have shed further light on IAG's strategic plans to develop Aer Lingus's business in an overall long-term Irish economic context insofar as the Irish Takeover Panel Rules would allow. Indeed, many of the questions put to the IAG CEO could not be answered directly as it would have constituted a breach of Irish Takeover Panel Ru