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Irish Business Aviation Association (IBAA) officially launches at Future of Business Aviation Conference

The Irish Business Aviation Association was officially launched at the Future of Business Aviation Conference held in London this week.                                                   IBAA Launch Members  Launch Members are: Bas de Bruijn – Deputy Director of Aviation EMC Corporation, Executive Member & Founder IBAA. Dave Scully – Dublin-Weston Executive Airport & AEM Aviation Consulting, President IBAA. Helene Wall Horan – Business Manager EMC Corporation, CEO IBAA. Joe McDermott – Global FBO Consult, Chairman IBAA. The IBAA's aim is to promote the growth & effectiveness of Business Aviation industry in Ireland and to achieve this by representation, monitoring, co-operation, promotion and information. According to founder Bas de Bruijn, “Establishing the IBAA is a great step forward for the industry in Ireland. By uniting the Irish Aviation community and banding together as a group, we can utilize all of our collective worldwide experience to help