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DIT Aeronautical Society visit to Aer Lingus Hangar 6

                                                  Aer Lingus Integrated Operation Center (IOC) On behalf of the Aeronautical Society, I would like to thank Captain Steve Kelly and the amazing team that briefed us on the various topics during our visit to Hangar 6. This was a great opportunity for us to learn the depths of the operational side of the airline. The topics covered captured everyone’s attention, raising an interest to pursue a possible career in those areas. Moreover we were presented with an overall insight into the Integrated Operation Centre (IOC), the heart of the daily operation of Aer Lingus. The highlight of the day was the presentation on the role of the Emergency Response Team, an area that not many students would contemplate. We learned about the thorough planning and preparation that goes on behind the scenes of an anticipated event, such as the French ATC strike, which coincidentally happened the day of our visit. It was impressive to hear that 95% of the