Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Jet Assist Ltd announces plans for new $4.1 million Hangar and FBO Project at Belfast International Airport

Image courtesy of Jet Assist Ltd 
Jet Assist Ltd  today announced at the 15th EBACE 2015 in Geneva that they have submitted an in-depth proposal to begin the process of building a New State-of-the-Art 44,000ft2 Aircraft Hangar and a 22,000ft2 Office Accommodation at Belfast International Airport.

The Hangar will be a distinctive two-door design allowing access for aircraft in from either side of the Hangar. This design allows aircraft to be parked through either door reducing the requirement for aircraft towing to reach alternative aircraft.

The main Hangar is big enough to hold a Boeing 767-300 aircraft and at the same time house Flying School Aircraft and Light to medium Jets or Turboprops.

The Hangar is to incorporate a full FBO facility, which will include Office Accommodation, Boardrooms, Lounges, Kitchens, Crew Rest/Sleeping Accommodation, Bathrooms / Showers and facilities for a Flying School operation. The facility will also have its own dedicated Aircraft Apron and VIP Security Screening Suite.

Speaking at EBACE 2015 in Geneva Mr Ian Morrow, CEO of Jet Assist Ltd said “We have decided after much thought to embark on this journey to grow and expand our presence at Belfast International Airport, as the foremost handling agent located there; also that we might grow our based customers, the Northern Irish Charter market and the Tech Stop market.

Northern Ireland is an economy that is currently seeing business growth and with the coming of reduced corporation tax infrastructure is very important to ensure that growth continues. Without infrastructure such as this facility Northern Ireland will not be set up to deal with the influx of companies wishing to set up business there. This hangar is a view to a future not just of Northern Ireland but of Jet Assist Ltd and its planned growth model”

This new facility will elevate them to a level never experienced in Ireland for the VIP and Business traveller. Jet Assist is a branded World Fuel Ascent FBO and is the preferred handler for most of the major trip support companies.

The date for the completion of the facility is to be Summer 2017 (subject to final approval and planning permission), this will allow time to source the correct contractors and individuals required to ensure that the project is a success.

Mr Ian Morrow also said "We are already receiving interest in customers basing aircraft in Belfast even if they are living in Dublin or Mainland UK. This is due to the extremely competitive rates for Parking and Landing at the Airport and also the support that Belfast International is providing.

Our service is about Style & Elegance combined with Speed, Efficiency & Discretion. The Jet Assist Operations Team can provide a tailored quote upon request to fulfil your VVIP or Tech Stop requirements at Belfast/EGAA and also discuss at length how this new project can benefit your operation".

Further to this announcement further investment in staffing at the current facility to include additional staff in Operations & Refuelling and also Sales/Marketing to be based in the United States.

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