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IAG carriers deploy Airbus A320 Sharklet fitted aircraft on Dublin routes

                                                British Airways Airbus A320(S)  International Airlines Group (IAG) parent company of British Airways, Iberia Express and Vueling Airlines whom operate services from London Heathrow, Madrid and Barcelona respectively, commenced using fuel-saving and performance-enhancing Sharklets on A320 Family airliners becoming an increasingly frequent sight in Irish skies. British Airways operates A320 Family equipment on eight times daily Heathrow to Dublin services and since April when Sharklet modification programme commenced a number of flights have been operated by A320's with the wing-tip modification. The modification initially involves 10 of the newest A320s in the airline’s fleet in sequence G-EUYO, G-EUYP and G-EUYR to G-EUYY, with ‘sharklet’ wing-tips under a fuel-efficiency programme.                                          Iberia Express Airbus A320(S) Iberia Express commenced in November 2014 installation of the shar